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Gypsy Jazz Books


ABOUT THIS BOOK: Using seven essential approach methods to improvisation this book contains 14 solos outlining the popular chord progression to Minor Swing. Two solos each are illustrated using Tablature. The seven solo approach methods used are:

· Scale/Modes
· Pentatonic/Blues
· Triads
· Arpeggios
· Sequence Patterns
· Intervals
· Chromatics/Target Tones

Each solo is given a measure by measure analysis to explain what is being used over the chord progression and why. All examples are demonstrated both slow and fast on the accompanying CD.

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ABOUT THIS BOOK:  This book is intended to teach you essential soloing concepts for Gypsy Jazz Improvisation. It contains examples gleaned from Django Reinhardt (the Godfather of this style) and contemporary Gypsy Jazz Artists. The examples contained in this book cover several approach methods including scales, arpeggios, triads, sequence patterns, licks, phrases & line forms. More advanced students will benefit from the Solo Section where four complete improvisational solos are written out together with analysis of each. The accompanying audio will demonstrate eachexample in both slow and faster tempos. Those utilizing the examples in this book will have an excellent way to further develop their own improvisational skills.
This book includes:

1. Over 50 examples of the most commonly used ideas in Gypsy Jazz.
2. Four full Solo examples -two in Major keys and two in Minor keys.
3. Transcriptions are given in both standard notation and tablature.
4. Notation of fingerings and picking direction are included.
5. Two audio CD's are included with all examples played both slow and faster.

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